Jennifer Scott, M.Ed., LCPC, QSUDP

​Jennifer Scott is a graduate of the University of Idaho, holding a Master’s Degree in Counseling and Human Services. Her work with adolescents, at-risk youth, adults, and families in crisis is extensive. She also enjoys working with couples who are experiencing difficulty within their marriage. She has advanced professional training in FST (Family Systems Trauma).  In addition to her educational and professional experience, Ms. Scott draws heavily from the resources of her own life, which is helpful in connecting with her clients.


Over the years, Ms. Scott has served as a volunteer for Kootenai County Juvenile Detention, Youth for Christ, homeless shelters, community outreach events, and as the overseer of Celebrate Recovery and other ministries that focus on personal growth. She has both personal and professional experience in the arena of addictions, and is an active prison ministry correspondent where she gives encouragement to inmates who desire change in their lives.


In addition to evidence-based therapeutic approaches, Ms. Scott’s draws heavily on faith-based principles in working with her clients. Her counseling style is supportive and compassionate, yet direct, as she takes her clients beyond their symptoms to identify the root issues that are contributing to their distress, dysfunction, hopelessness, and maladaptive behaviors. Ms. Scott enjoys working alongside her clients, as they experience freedom, healing, restoration, and growth in their lives and relationships.

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Kari Treadgill, M.A., LPC

Kari Threadgill, LPC is a graduate of Gonzaga University with a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Kari spent 3 years working as a therapist for Spokane Public Schools and as a private practitioner, prior to joining our team at Ascent Counseling, in 2017.
Kari is passionate about mental wellness and physical fitness. She loves working with her clients to develop a healthy mind and body connection, through mindfulness and other emotional and cognitive behavioral approaches. CBT and DBT are Kari’s primary treatment approaches, which help her clients in getting to the root causes that contribute to unhealthy patterns of thought, toxic emotions, and destructive behaviors. Her treatment approach is highly effective for those who desire to work through stressors, deal with big transitions, navigate dysfunctional situations, overcome barriers to success, improve self-concept, improve relationships, and heal from many forms of harm.
One of Kari’s primary passions is inspiring and developing individuals to become the best that they can be, as she works with her clients to build confidence, improve emotional self-expression and communication, and improve connection in life and interpersonal relationships. Kari also loves supporting, encouraging, and providing tools for parents, in order to reduce stress in the home, foster healthier interactions, and strengthen relationships. 

Kari is a well-rounded therapist with a variety of skills and talents. She is kind, compassionate, and enthusiastic about her work. She routinely expresses the joy that she experiences, as she partners with those she loves to serve. 

Carol Lowry, M.A., SUDA

Carol Lowry, M.Ed, SUD-A has lived in Kootenai County since 2010. Ms. Lowry earned a Master Degree in Education, which allowed her to fulfill her passion for teaching Kindergarten through 6th Grade for 25 years. Through her own personal experience, she was later called to help people with Substance Use Disorders pursue honest life-improving changes, which brings her great joy. She has been a part of our team at Ascent Counseling since 2018.

Ms. Lowry enjoys reading, decorating, and gardening; however, her real passion is for her church. She describes her work at Ascent counseling as an extension of her passion. She says, “It is my purpose that I not shine so that others can see me, but my hope is that through me others can see Him, as He is the way.”

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Katty Rozok, LMSW is a graduate of Boise State University holding a Master's Degree in Social Work. Katty also holds a double Bachelor of Science in Psychology with an emphases in Christian Counseling and Crisis Intervention from Liberty University. For five years, Katty worked closely with residents of North Idaho to overcome mental health issues that impede them from living their most meaningful lives. Katty’s experiences include working with individuals with severe persistent mental illness, such as Schizophrenias, Bipolar disorders, Depression, and Anxiety. Her passions consists of working with families, couples, adolescents, and children to build healthy attachments with one another, in order to build resilience for life’s endeavors. Katty also has experience in helping those who are struggling financially, individuals reintegrating into society after prolonged incarceration, pregnant mothers, and children with developmental disabilities.

            Katty’s dedication is to serve her clients with empathy and unconditional positive regard, always striving to meet the client where they are, utilizing a Strengths- Based Approach. Some of the evidenced-based modalities utilized with her clients include Trauma- Focused CBT, DBT, Family Systems Theory, and Solutions-Focused therapy. Her counseling style reflects a commitment to faith-based principles, empathy, compassion, kindness, and truth.


In her free time Ms. Rozok enjoys all the activities that North Idaho life and homesteading have to offer. Of all her passions her biggest dedication is to her faith, husband, children, and her church family.

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Katty Rozok, LMSW